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God Damn
“I’m A Lazer, You’re A Radar”

God Damn

After a relatively dry week – albeit still thudding brilliant, as per yesterday’s latest boasting episode dressed up as a Track Of The Day post – we hit it pretty hard yesterday. Despite the near-pointlessness of trapsing around looking at shitholes flats for a sizable proportion of the week including a bit of Friday evening, we took great pride in drinking an awful lot of, well, Pride (, London) to reward ourselves for basically owning shit this week just gone. This led to complications later on; later in the evening as we were turfed out of the Ealing boozery circa midnight, we found ourselves in a bar near Ealing Broadway station having arguements with people for no particular reason, apparently to do with child adoption. We’re not sure what we were on about or indeed what the topic itself was about exactly, but we have since had the subject matter described to us as “deep”. Then there was this morning where we nearly forgot to drive our mate Dan to the office so he could fix our computer DVD-RW drive (he fixed it within moments, or rather it turns out it was never really buggered in the first place and we’re just being idiots) having made him agree to do so weeks in advance. But that resolved itself, because he woke us up. Cool. Sore heads, dry eyes and foggy memories are all very good reasons to big up new Track Of The Day’ers God Damn, but an even better reason is that their tune I’m A Lazer, You’re A Radar is very much the adrenaline shot we need to get us through the rest of this cold-ass day. This lot claim blues/grunge is the name of their particular game, and they could be right. It’s certainly good enough for metal, however, in the more inventive end of the spectrum. Personally, we’re getting the same groovy crunchiness that we’d otherwise assume to be derived from the likes of Death From Above 1979, Pulled Apart By Horses, Eagles Of Death Metal and DZ Deathrays. Yep, this has pretty much sorted us right out today. For that, we are grateful, and fully intend to catch these guys live when they touch down in London at The Barfly on 18th January, and/or The Bull & Gate on 1st Feb with our buddies Club Fandango.

God Damn – I’m A Lazer, You’re A Radar


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