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“High Tide”/”Three Days”

Bye Polar Bears

Gotta say it guys; we couldn’t have actually had a better start to the year than the way this week has gone. We’re experiencing a similar sensation to when public transport aligns perfectly for you, or every traffic light you come to is green in favour of allowing us to pass through unhindered. The Vestals have seemingly been lapped up by, well, a lot of people and we can’t really describe how happy that makes us, knowing how much work the band and the people around them had put into this release as preparation; Draper got repped by musical publication stalwarts Billboard, seemingly out of nowhere (but of course having thought about it for most of today, the kid fucking deserves it); and our boys in the mighty Duologue have just announced they’ll be hitting the road in a bit of Feb and a bit of March with edgey-as-fuck dudes Post War Years ahead of some tasty dates in the US which will be unveiled in due course. Surely something needs to go wrong. Like, our head might drop off on account of how big its apparently getting. But before that happens, we’re going to vibe the hell out to the sweet, sweet melodies of relative-nubes byepolarbearsWhy? Because we just gotta reign things back in a little bit, especially ahead of the tax return-orientated weekend we’ve got coming up. Inventive indie spliced with electronics designed with the intention to make you think about life and stuff. Bizarrely – and there is no word of a lie in this sentence – upon commencing note-writing when listening to High Tide for the first time, we had written down the following: “Alt-J, bit o’ Get Up Kids, and possibly Death Cab For Cutie and/or Postal Service“. Upon then doing the whole researchy bit via the wonderful medium of Facebook, we were delighted to discover that pretty much all these names are listed in this lot’s favourite artists. Quite the coinky-dink? Not that it matters, really. Just clap your ears on these two buggers.

byepolarbears – High Tide

byepolarbears – Three Days

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