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Negative Pegasus
“Floating Omen”/”Unimmortal”

Negative Pegasus

Ya may well have noticed that a god-awful amount of codey-type crap was floating about hither and thither on this-here bloggington at several points yesterday. Well, alright for most of yesterday. We’ll fess up right now – it was all our fault. See, way back when in 2011 when we got this bitch going in the first place, we knew nothing of the ways of WordPress. We were strongly advised to set this up in such a way so as to enable us to use the idiot-proof editing console that we just about possess the competency to user but to allow greater control in terms of things like, we dunno, embedding things that we like that otherwise normal-WordPress would not allow us to. Y’know, like, free EP releases and whatnot. But, did we listen? Of course fucking not. We ploughed on full steam, thinking to ourselves “We need not this IT mumbo jumbo! We goooooooootttaaaaa goooooooooo!”. Two-ish years and several hundred pounds later, we can say with some degree of certainty that we were wrong, and should have listened to Harriet. But hey, let’s look on the bright-side – we’re a bit more legit than we were before. Y’know what else is legit? Negative Pegasus. They’re from Brighton. Georgina Langford put us onto them. Cheers Georgie. They play a brand of music called hard psych, which rather nicely sums up our odd-mindset of a sleepless prison we were locked in for most of yesterday. We’re getting bounces of a slightly insane mixture of The Physics House Band, Health and Three Trapped Tigers in this crunchy groove. Seeing as we really couldn’t decide between the two, we’re just gonna go ahead and prop up new-ish tracks Floating Omen and Unimmortal in tandem – although it is well worth pointing out that one of our favourite labels Smalltown America released the former back in June this year, and have just got round to releasing the latter on the 10th of this month. Right on.

Negative Pegasus – Floating Omen

Negative Pegasus – Unimmortal

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