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Ugh. How you doing? Us? We’re doing okay. Hanging in there. The operable word being hanging. Two-thirds of Christmas party carnage is done. Our folky-songwritery chums over in Highbury sure know how to rock; with the walls draped in (not real) gold, all the cheese’n’fruit’n’crackers you could possibly want up for grabs, combined with a bar that couldn’t possibly be drunk dry even by yours truly, we went searching for answers on the dancefloor and instead only found Sam Faulkner losing his shit all over the shop. We only wish we were as brave as he, having witnessed possibly some of the freshest moves on public display from our buddy-boy/sworn enemy, as ultimately any dance moves we were pulling every time eventually whittled down to the generic “running-on-the-spot” thing that guys who lack creative thinking at any given point typically do. To be fair, we did it well. We also picked up some tips (as well as possibly giving away information that we possibly shouldn’t have done, but that’s what these events are all about right?), the one in particular that we can remember being that, contrary to major label/popular belief, Christmas is in fact probably the best time to release a single. Think about it – how much shit are you actually going to do on the day itself, other than dicking around on the internet with that stocking-filler of an iTunes voucher just daring you to enter its discount-coding goodness back into the machine whilst recovering from (a) the night before and (b) the instense meal-to-end-all-meals you’ve just imbibed? You’re gonna spend it, ain’t ya? Yeah, you are, for you are weak. If that is indeed the case, aspiring bands/labels, why not go one step further and release a SUMMER anthem around the Wintery festive season, just like previous/current Track Of The Day’ers Paper Boats are doing via the unveiling of this sizzling clip for new effort Summer High? We quoted 80’s guitar greats The Cure, The Cult and Simple Minds the last time we delivered citations of coolness around these guys back in this year’s actual Summer, and by gum we’re sticking to those particular guns again this time around. In fact, we don’t think we’ve come across a vocalist that sounds pretty much exactly like Robert Smith more than the frontdude here. More over, this is helping us climb out of the shame-spiral that we’ve spent every minute from 9pm last night to this current moment in time disappearing into. Thanks guys. You’re the best.


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