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Camp Stag
“Matilda, Please”/”Call It The Flame”

All feels a bit emo at the moment. Sure, we are self-professed a-bit-emo’s, but undeniably from our perspective the notions instilled by the pathetic fallacy that is the shitty weather outside and the associated chill in the wind seems to render more than a few people we keep in company all forlorn. What isn’t helping our situation, with that in mind, is that our own personal week of hell has commenced. We’re doing alright, hanging in there. However, the self-imposed dichotomy that exists within our person – being that when we are so busy we don’t really have time to do much of anything like sitting still which we ultimately start craving after a couple of days going at it, and when we finally do sit still we can’t wait to get back in the proverbial ring after, like, an hour or so – is heavily weighted towards the former at this point. So, we’ll leave it to your excellent imaginations as to the rationale behind Track Of The Day newbs Camp Stag and a double-effort of recently-surfaced tracks Matilda, Please and Call It The Flame, which we will admit right now that we discovered via Sleep In Music blog, so check those guys out as they’ve got some real cool stuff on their tumblr. They are from Stoke-On-Trent. The band, we mean, although for all we know so could the blog. As previously alluded to above, we’re getting a whiff of emotive indie that ultimately causes that think-about-life twitch in the ears of the listener – for us, there are mixtures of the likes of Morning Parade and Jimmy Eat World in the music, and perhaps some High & Dry-Radiohead via Athelete‘s breathey-ness in the vocal. Make of that what you will.

Camp Stag – Matilda, Please

Camp Stag – Call It The Flame

Again, again, again.

Camp Stag – Sirens

Camp Stag – When The Lights Come Down

Camp Stag – The Northern Dream

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