Good Shit: Killing Moon vs. Just Because

Today is a big day for Killing Moon. We never like to admit weakness, change our ways or grace anyone with a compliment (except our TOTD’ers). But we must move forward! Today we announce our sister blog. The good to our evil; the pop to our rock; the Cheech to our Chong. Just Because occupies a lighter, happier and more electronic side of life; a side of us that we have so far neglected to tell you we appreciate…begrudgingly.

War Bastard, founder of Killing Moon, had this to say about the new affiliation between the two blogs: “I think it’s great to offer the readers a greater amount of choice within the new music remit through healthy competition. It’s just a shame I fucking hate the founder, Sam Faulkner. Perhaps we might become friends, but I wouldn’t count on it.”

Killing Moon – Vital Stats Profile

Name: War Bastard

Age (PR’d): 12

Power Rating: Infinity +1

Real Talk Rating: Most of the time

Top Three General Likes: Meat, bread, fucking swearing

Top 3 General Dislikes: Music, people who like music, musicians

Top 3 Bands/Artists: Alkaline Trio, Letlive, Pavarotti

Trademark Quote: My name isn’t Ache, asshole.

Entrance Music: Who Tha Man by Richard Blackwood

Captain Adorable, Founder of Just Because, retorted saying “While Ach Dhillon and I have never seen eye-to-eye because of the disparity of our musical ideologies, I could not be happier about the new association between our two opposing nations. I feel like a unicorn eating a rainbow full of lollipops. Maybe one day I can fill his emo heart with gumdrops and snickerdoodles, but I wouldn’t count on it. The bastard.”

Just Because – Vital Stats Profile

Name: Captain Adorable

Age (PR’d): 36

Power Rating: Whatever War Bastard says, +1

Real Talk Rating: Dunno actually

Top Three General Likes: Salt, tequila, limes

Top 3 General Dislikes: Social unrest, menthol filters, stingy Subway staff

Top 3 Bands/Artists: Queens Of The Stone Age, Crystal Castles, Portishead

Trademark Quote: I’ll think about it

Entrance Music: Elevator Love Letter by Stars

Killing Moon’s new sister blog Just Because can be found at:


Twitter: @JustBecauseBlog

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jstbcs

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