Josh Weller_FI

Josh Weller
“Swan Dive”

We’re ill. Again. The entire staff of two people at Killing Moon is snotty, bunged up, and generally feeling like a piece of ruddy low. Even Sam Faulkner has taken a hit, and he’s usually invincible. We’re not entirely sure how this has happen. The last strain of man-flu we contracted managed to nearly fucking kill us; yet we survived. What doesn’t kill you, and all that jazz. This round feels a lot more puny than the last one – more like an annoying fly pissing us off than a big ol’ bumble bee threatening to end our world. Such self-pity brought on by a clear abuse of the sauce over the last 72 hours (don’t worry, not in that way, but just a little more than we usually do because for some needless reason we felt the need to get radical this weekend) – indeed, at one point on Saturday evening we remarked at how we felt like we were back at Great Escape all over again, or some crazy thing like that – means we need an on-point track to help us think about life even more than we already are right now. So here’s Josh Weller‘s sexy new number Swan Dive to fulfill that precise role in our heads. Now, we realise Josh ain’t exactly new on the scene in his wonderfully-quaffed self; however, our self-imposed criteria of what we blather on about and what we don’t seems to be more than satisfied here, particularly in reference to the “good” and “new” criterions. This is a strangely-dark, soul-stealing slice of songwriting designed to render the listener liable to senses of loss, regret, and generally feeling a bit gutted about something or someone, supplemented by a sentiment of “you’ll get through this, mate, probably”. We’re referencing Jeff Buckley, Keaton Henson and a bit of The Sleepy Jackson‘s Good Dancers here, and we don’t feel too ashamed of that at all.


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