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Team Spirit
“Jesus, He’s Alright!”

You know what the thing is about Friday? As in, what you have to do? Ya gotta GET DOWN. Ya just gotta. That’s what we’re gonna do – and that’s despite imbibing several kinds of pseudo-alcoholic caffeine-based drinks last night in some place in Mayfair at some ridiculous hour, thereby allowing our otherwise slightly-improving ability to nod off just about anytime we like to crumble to dust, and meaning we got fuck-all sleep last night. We mean, are we committed or what? Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Entertainment seems to be at the very core of Brooklyn punk’n’rollers Team Spirit‘s thing. From start to finish, Jesus, He’s Alright! is fun-incarnate, rolled in with the prospect of long days supplemented by longer nights, and the drinks just continue to increase both in terms of potency and varying degrees of viscosity. It is literally impossible not to fall balls-deep in love with these guys, especially with a name like that. Inclusivity rules. By way of musical context, we’re thinking along the lines of The Ramones doing The Replacements’ Beer For Breakfast whilst donning themselves in a similar style to Funeral Party (what on earth happened to them, by the way?). Sam Faulkner reckons they sound a bit like Jilted John. He could be right, for all we know. And what we know is that this is our party anthem to the weekend. Jeah.

Team Spirit – Jesus, He’s Alright!

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