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Child Actor

Experimental pop-weirduo Child Actor may well just be the saviours of whatever made-up genre we’ve decided to plonk them into. We’ve a slight disillusionment going on with sounds pertaining to the electronic of late. A lot of it has gotten lazy, in the sense of two extremities; on the one hand you have the harking-back-to-the-80’s-revivalists whose sole mission to to sound a bit like Depeche Mode but make little-to-zero attempt at deposing the kings of emotive synthy-styles (we have not, and never will, name names when it comes to bitching about anything in particular), and on the other you’ve got shit that is so impossibly cool, so ridiculously obscure, that it is very difficult to suss out what the artist in question is trying to do exactly. Are we massive hypocrites in meting out such a sweeping statement of damnation against the grassroots of a certain type of music, given that we listen to both of the aforementioned on the reg, most of the time bloody loving it, and really we’re just in a shitty mood today? Without a shadow of a doubt, yes, yes, a million time yes. We’re just about clinging in there, thanks to this beaut of a track called Reasons – a track that certain music critics far more prominent than us refer to as a little bit R’n’B, which might well be the case. We’re really hearing a fair chunk o’ Grimes meshing with Imogen Heap, Laurel, and our recent faves Deidre & The Dark. Other bits to note are that this dude and dudette are in fact real-life cousins, hail from Boston, and have recently released an actual real-life album via the Fake Four, Inc label – from what we’ve briefly heard, it sounds every bit as intriguing and engaging as this piece right here. We dig.

Child Actor – Reasons


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