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Soulmates Never Die

Bloody hell. Life is pain right now. Yes kids, the motherfuck of all hangovers has been riding us dirty all day long. It was mainly Draper‘s fault. Blame him. Blame him for everything that has ever been wrong, ever. Recovery has been staggered by lack of sleep and, closely related to factor one, trying to not fall asleep whilst watching Daniel Craig fight crime and kick ass in Skyfall. Even eating popcorn was hard. Helping us to pick up the pieces of what happened last night and generally making sense of a couple of bits and/or bobs is this strong-looking character that goes by the chosen nomenclature Soulmates Never Die. Bit emo? Yeah, probably. But we love that shit, mainly as we’re a bit emo (and we have the Atticus apparel and chequered shirt collection to prove it). Cool? Cool. Seems Mr. Never Die has been picking up a steady slew of fans elsewhere, gathering notable plaudits from the ever-on-it Amazing Radio peeps and Steve Lamacq of 6Music fame, who it seems hooked our guy up with a sweet session at Maida Vale at some point in the recent past. It’s almost a shame we don’t tend to listen to Lamacq very often, lest we would have come across this dude a lot sooner than now. The beauty in the music here lies in this chap’s ability to pen simple yet incredibly well-arranged pop songs, combined with his outstanding lyrical penmanship – we’re thinking stuff along the lines of Frank Turner, Elliot Smith, Kevin Seconds and Sam Smyth – all delivered in a manner so sincere that sometimes we forget that this is just a Soundcloud embed and he’s not actually playing this tune right in front of our hungover mug in the flesh.

Soulmates Never Die – Cutie-Pie


Soulmates Never Die – Pretty Missles (Don’t Punch Me)

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