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John J Presley
“Sweet Sister”

This may be the third, fourth, possibly even fifth time we’ve broken our own self-imposed cardinal rule of never posting about the same band twice as a Track Of The Day. Why do we even have that rule? Clearly no one give a flying fig; or do they? Recent discussions with persons of consequence and/or relevance to us generally seem to indicate that our opinion might just be generally held in a modicum of esteem. That’s scary. We’re just very opinionated, big-mouthed people (a notion very easy to perpetuate via the faceless medium of the internet), and feel it’s important that music fans of any capacity should formulate their own subjective opinion free from third-party interference. We also feel that its important that you fucking listen to John J Presley, in particular this bluesfully-soulful tune Sweet Sister which surfaced not too long ago. Our boy John has been making his-self and his band of merry men a man and a lady rather busy since we last crossed paths; other than churning out bad-boys like this one here, the unsigned outfit from Brum sorted themselves right out with some sweet gigs with the likes of Tenebrous Liar (which is something to do with a photographer called Steve Gullicks, which is nice) and some other band called Band Of Skulls in December. The track itself? We’re referencing Manchester Orchestra doing hot-shots The Family Rain laying the smacketh downeth on Father John Misty in our brain-heads when we’re perusing this flick; which also nicely matches with our painfully-well-thought-out website colour scheme. We. Dig.

John J Presley – Sweet Sister


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