The Sirens_FI

The Sirens
“Just Be Cool”

Take a look at this cheeky chappy. Know who he is? We bloody don’t. We’ve nothing more than an email from a singer/songwriter/guitarist called Josh from this particular band – The Sirens – and what we really appreciate is how to-the-point this guy really is, and we’re guessing that the strong-looking character above cannot possibly be Josh, for he is playing a bass. A bass is sort of a guitar, yet it is not at the same time. To surmise, for of course the discussion with our mystery man Josh is ongoing in order to attempt satiating our otherwise-unshakable curiousity about stuff that really isn’t that important in the large scheme of things (although we still feel discovering who actually invented the first ever bed is worth banging on about), he’s basically said “Right, you. We’re a band. Here are the songs. Get into it and sort us out a gig, manager and booking agent while you’re at it”. Josh, we salute you. You have balls. We like balls. We also happen to like this scuzzily-recorded slice of rock and/or roll called Just Be Cool – we find ourselves establishing a personal nexus with both the title (see last blog post) and lyrical content as one of the key bits alludes to something that we’re working on right now and will be unveiling to your asses relatively soon. Anyway. Music. Our vibe-detector is picking up traces of Queens Of The Stone Age chugginess, Arctic Monkeys vocal melodies, and generally an overvibe that’s strikingly similar to Turbogeist. We dig. Now these kids just need to get onto Soundcloud so we can big them up via the Music Robot medium. Help us to help you, etc.


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