The Kumari FI

The Kumari
“She Was Mine”

Good lord it’s a lonely day in Killing Moon HQ. With some of us away on fanciful trips to here, there and everywhere, the office is depressingly empty. To storm the calm we have been indulging in decadence most horrid…many cigarettes and expensive falafels later, we’re feeling pretty much terrible about ourselves. To continue the theme of guilty pleasures, here are TOTDers The Kumari. She Was Mine is a deliciously simple jaunt containing surf-rock/Link Wray guitars and a narc-rock/americana vocal, complimenting each other delectably. Beautiful, spacious and structurally-sound, She Was Mine isn’t dissimilar to Buckingham Palace. Jeepers, let’s forget that analogy ever happened and thank The Kumari for brightening up our dreary Monday.

The Kumari – She Was Mine

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