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Cold Fronts
“Heart Attack”/”Strange Architecture”

Sure, we could talk about the weather as we prepare to dive into our Sunday afternoon chitter-chatter about our new favourite guitar heroes Cold Fronts. Well, it is nippy these days after all. At least that’s what the pizza hut man told us last night when we greeted him at the front door; we were dressed in swimming trunks, a Thrice tshirt and our Star Trek dressing gown, so we imagine the pizza guy thought we were a fucking lord and as such provided a weather report alongside handing over the delicious deep pan that ultimately saved us from the shame-spiral that was our first ever planned-out hangover, without us actually asking. Anyway, Cold Fronts are from Philly, and describe themselves as one of several emergent acts from what we’re beginning to perceive, somewhat typically as a self-appointed music-media type, as a “scene”. And by that, we mean there are a lot of good bands coming out of that neck of the woods right about now. Their music reminds us of the first time we allowed ourselves to succumb to the pinchy guitar tones of The Strokes or Hot Hot Heat; a thick American accent (which we love by the way) on a par with The Thermals; and they’re also mates with mewithoutyou, so ultimately we could be forgiven for thinking they’re the ones making the weather so ruddy nippy right now on account of how cool they seemingly are. The video provides a pretty good insight into how shit generally goes down with this lot, and even features a wee snippet of them serruptiously crossing the Canadian border at Niagra (which co-incidentally is the largest unguarded border in the world, if you care about that sort of thing). We metaphorically were going to do the same recently, but we didn’t even make it up to the borderline as we were intercepted long before that by one of the guys we work with, and he was right to do it. So, we know the hardships involved. Good on you, chaps. Keep on trucking.

Cold Fronts – Heart Attack


This is a fucking tune and all.

Cold Fronts – Strange Architecture

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