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Midnight Spin

It’s fucking freezing, huh. For us, it is doubly cold; for we went out this weekend and partied probably the hardest we’ve done since Great Escape – there was almost certainly a conga line and possible crowd-surfing involved, and we apologise to anyone in Reflex Club in St. Pauls who got caught up in our vibe unnecessarily, although owing to our delivery of possibly the freshest moves you’re likely to see this side of 2012 we’re guessing no one was really left disappointed – resulting in our bodies becoming subdued by what we like to call “the hippy shakes”. Add this to the environmental effects of a rapidly-diminishing room temperature, and you’ll start to see why we think it’s necessary to wear at least three layers of clothing at any given point during today. In celebration of our half-self-inflicted shiver-me-timbers, Brooklyn bad boys Midnight Spin enter the mix with current Track Of The Day Neuroin which may just be the injection of straight-up rock music to help us get through what remains of this shitty-weather day. Two main reasons to like them: firstly, they quite clearly believe in long hair motiffs in tandem with a wonderful bearded ensemble; secondly, this tune contains undercurrents of Hell Is For Heroes (we’re probably going to take a fair bit of stick for making that comparison, but fuck the doubters because we’re right, especially as far as the chorus is concerned), Sugarcult , and/or perhaps Placebo by way of Jet. Nice. We also dig this video clips which features, amongst other things, a lampshade dressed and thus being treated as a lady, and a fish in a toilet. Enjoy.

Midnight Spin – Neuroin


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