Night Terrors of 1927 FI

Night Terrors Of 1927
“Watch The World Go Dark”

We’ve moved! After some rearrangements in Killing Moon HQ, we have moved from a dingy concrete box into a room so big that our absurdly large clock has been dwarfed beyond utilisation. “What’s the time mate?” “Dunno, I’ll take a run down to the clock in a minute.” Most importantly, the KM banner is finally up, which has left us feeling so smug that we’re actually having trouble getting anything done. Nonetheless, we do have a cracker of a track for you this fine afternoon. Sounding like Bruce Springsteen has joined Dom, Night Terrors Of 1927 have got that Toto sound that it’s hard to get enough of. The Los Angeles outfit have crafted something oddly mesmerising with Watch The World Go Dark, plus any band name that reminds you of Death From Above 1979 can’t be bad. Have a great weekend all, we’ll miss you dearly.

Night Terrors Of 1927 – Watch The World Go Dark

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