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Israel Cannan
“Heart Of Mine”

That fine specimen depicted above is not us, unfortunately. His name is Israel Cannan. Along with having one of the most exotic names we’ve come across in showbiz in recent years, Mr. Cannan was recently brought to our attention by Brother Jeremy over at the giving-us-a-run-for-what-little-money-we-have Laissez Faire Club, as he marched straight up to us and said “I’m putting out this guy’s single out on 1st October, so why don’t you just write a blog about it, asshole?”. Well, he didn’t say that, for Jeremy is much more well-mannered and even more well-spoken than we are. Anyway, that track in question is Heart Of Mine, something that has already got Amazing Radio hooked, possibly by virtue of this guy’s articulately-brilliant vocal which emphatically galvanises lyrics of the emotional kind; and, perhaps in accordance with the steadily-growing stable of LFC artists, an acoustic guitar prominantly over other rhythmic instruments. So, music then. What is the vibe? The vibe is – speaking for the establishment – Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman, combined with – speaking for the on-their-way-to-the-establishment – Jake Mattison and Eden Ley. There is also an Australian vibe present here, mainly as this guy is, well, Australian, but even moreso, much to the delight of any British child born of the 80’s yet only remembering the 90’s, he was in Home & Away once upon a time. For some reason, Jez felt the need to send us a picture, and it is only due and proper that we place that same delightful JPEG in front of your now-captivated sight. We also reckon young Cannan looks a bit like Jez himself, such is the close proximity between the two in the symbiotic label/artist dichotomy. So we’ve put a picture of Jez down there too, obviously:

You just don’t know which one is which anymore, do ya? On a slightly-more serious note, big things be afoot with many a-music industry type galloping after this chap like some crazy wild bitches, and they’ll all be relieved to know that they can get their Israel Cannan-style kicks in a live context when he launches this very same single at The Enterprise on Tuesday 25th September. Right on.

Israel Cannan – Heart Of Mine


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