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Yumi And The Weather
“Not Again”

We’re actively going around stoking (and getting stoked in the process) and ultimately re-igniting certain Killing Moon operations that we’re pretty sure the world at large dearly misses. For example, we did our first newsletter mailout since, bloody, May last night. And how much shit has happened since May, we ask you for no reason in particular?  Quite a lot. Our activity on certain social networks, for example, has sustained itself at probably a higher rate and prior to this, so really all this means is that you can expect way more annoymongery on Facebook if you’re unfortunate enough to be befriended by yours truly; indeed, we will have some rather exciting news for you guys tomorrow, so make sure ya hide ya kids, hide ya wife et all. In honour of heralding in the next chapter of Killing Moon glory and shit, appropriate soundtracking arrives at our earstops from Brighton (you knew it wouldn’t be long before B-town was back in the mix) duo Yumi And The Weather. These dudes are in fact dudettes, or so we can extrapolate from their super-informative Facebook page, which of course is where 99% of viable A&R research actually takes place, because we’re lazy. Cool. Of late, more than a few buggers in the radio and online worlds of musicdom have started to pick up on these ladies, with the interest being largely attributable to just how fucking good a song Not Again actually is. From our perspective, this may well fill the space that exists between the more interesting artists within the genre, and by that we mean Imogen Heap, Teagan & Sarah, Uffie and previous Track Of The Day’ers Cultfever. And that is just so, so very righteous indeed.

Yumi And The Weather – Not Again

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