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Chain Of Flowers

You can’t-let-go festival people hitting up Bestival right now better thank your lucky stars that we’re not there. We would bring the rain; we always do when we set foot on that Isle around this time of year. We may have mentioned this several times before in tandem with the suggestion that the outcome of certain football games are decided by whether we’re observing them live in action, in that Chelsea always lose when we’re viewing, like they did the other day to Athletico Madrid in that made-up super-mega cup thingy. Or at least they were getting done 3-nil by half time, at which point we thought we’d help everyone out by just walking out of the room. Anyways, we’ve got Niteflights playing way past our bedtime this eve at Old Blue Last, and so soundtracking our festival defiance in tandem with our eager anticipation for that are Welsh (we think, based on our 3 minute groundbreaking research initiative) hard-rockers Chain Of Flowers, who are the second guitar band in succession that we’ve featured so far that flounder a dainty name in the face of hardy-rockingness. Perhaps this can be better described as the Pure Love effect, whereby former members of certain hardcore punk groups tap into a much-less-aggressive area of their being and start playing rock’n’roll. Which is, like, fine – indeed this lot found themselves on the road with the very same outfit Frank Carter now finds himself him a little while ago, and shortly after found themselves playing their debut show in London and subsequently getting a slight degree of props from NME. We love the music, hype aside. Free-to-downloaders Spit and Chained can be found in similar yet seperate areas of the guitar music sphere under the broad heading of rock – the former would not look out of place perched next to Dead Confederate or Manchester fire-starters Embers; the latter would probably look much more comfortable hanging around Johnny Foreigner or Sub Pop flagbearers The Thermals. And Pavement, of course. We can never leave Pavement out of a blog post. We may even make the trip to Wales to catch these dudes do their thing at this year’s SWN fest, if the weather’s bad enough to require our presence.

Chain Of Flowers – Spit

Chain Of Flowers – Chained

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