“Killer Saints”

Y’all read that book Kill Your Friends? Sure you have. Well, you might not have, but if on the off-chance you have glanced through a copy of John Niven’s sort-of fictional work depicting the year in the life of a feckless A&R guy called Stephen, and how he basically manages to fuck things up for a lot of people whilst simultaneously scaling the ostensible ladder of music industry success and not doing very much work at all in between all of that. We may well be going through own own episodic bout of KYF; we shall leave to your own imaginations whether we are on the giving or receiving end of friend-killing, and indeed in which context. Generally as stuff changes and you’re a little bit older than when you started your own personal full-time hobby, in retrospect nearly everything seems so much simpler back at a time when you were generally perceived to be an over-glorified fan. While we’re having a ball right now, we do find ourselves missing the time round about when we started this thing, when all we wanted to do was more and say yes to everything, whereas now….well, things are just different. Anyway, with all that restrospective emo shite in mind, bringing a nostalgic grin to our chudsey face are a new South London crew, with a name that really does reflect the perceived hard-edgeness of their chosen stomping ground. Everyone say hello to Honey, who are the latest band we’ve come across to rise from the ashes of the late-great Muscle Club; that is to say, a Michael Bateson-Hill can be counted amongst their ranks. Michael was almost always a pleasure to be around, and also once presented a very good case for Cardiff being a great place to live on account of it having the bustling-buzz of a modern metropolis, coupled with the laid-back vibe and cosiness of a much less-populated conurbation. Yet, here he is in London, which gives good credence to all the bollocks we’ve just said above about stuff changing and it being weird, and stuff. Should we actually talk about the music now? Yes, go on then. Inevitably, especially as far as we’re concerned, references to The Muscle Club are going to occur. We think that’s rad – what’s radderer is the incorporation of more recent Pavement types, like Ex Lovers and Yuck. However, we’re super-impressed how these guys have managed to emalgumate this with the first 8 seconds of the track sounding pretty much like the first bit of The KillersWhen You Were Young, on top of planting whiffs of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (hey, what happened to Ill Fits anyway?) in the vocals and generally some air-punching chorus moments. We dig and we wanna hear more.

Honey – Killer Saints

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