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Sr. Sly

This may well be the first time we’ve posted about a band/act/thingy/artist recommended to us via our Facebook page. Aren’t you lot just the gift that keeps on giving? Well, a guy called Nathan Hill is anyway. He was the bloke that made said recommendation, almost like the cool-yet-not-a-bastard kid (i.e. him) who everyone loves at school helping the muppet-child-oddball kid (i.e. us, but in reality we’re really not that bad) so as to help them save face and not be embarrassed for not knowing the answer to the “what’s good?” question posed to the muppet-child by their Cutting Edge Sweet Tunes tutor in front of the whole class. Nice save there, Nate. We owe ya. You make us look good. Anyhoo, we have been subsequently dealt out with mystery Californian band/act/thingy/artist Sr. Sly, pronounciation of which might well be internet-speak for “seriously” or indeed the outfit in question might be just sly people of the tallest order and acolade, or even-more-indeed a gentleman of Hispanic extraction derived from the Sly family. They are a bit sly, in a way. Sly as in they’re not being terribly forthcoming with information as to who or what they are. But that’s cool. We don’t need to know that shit. We just need to embrace the suave, chilled pace of recently-surfaced tune Ghost that seems well on its way to collapsing the blogosphere such is its meteoric rise through the online community (or something like that). We’re particularly digging the Johnny Foreigner-style aesthetic of adopting the outline of those ghostly characters from Pac-Man (sans sad ghost-faces though), as well as a keyboard track that doesn’t sound worlds removed from Salt Peppa and Spinderella. Also, and by no means to undercut just how much we’re feeling this tune, we’re noticing the same vibes that ring true with our person when we listen to Empire Of The SunFoster The People, Work Drugs and The Neighbourhood. Zane’ll play this on Radio 1 soon enough, trust.

Sr. Sly – Ghost


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