“Certain Taste”/”Between Us”

There are certain prying-internet-spy-turned-commentators (we’ll call them bastards, for ease of reference) that may well hold us to account for taking our sweet fucking time writing about Leicester upstarts Sisterland. Well, shut up, bastards. Y’hear? Shut. Up. We blog when we wanna blog, just like we eat chicken whenever we wanna eat chicken – in both cases, that’s usually as often as possible except in circumstances where it’d just be really rude to do so; like, we dunno, sitting in one of those vegan bars or whatever. The point is, despite our fountain of knowledge spraying forth droplets of invaluable information relating to the very same band, and indeed the very same track (well, one of them at least) in the faces of our panelling partners over at Amazing Radio yesterday afternoon, such as that pertaining to the band’s original nomenclature possibly getting them into troubs with the Mickey Mouse Corporation (they used to be called Dysneyland. Not even a semi-vowel could save them), it is only now that the band’s songs are leaping out and grabbing us. Hence why we’re writing about just that right now, bastards. Anyway, following yesterday’s subsequent antics which involved seeing Bluebell shake their wee-wee’s on stage at Koko and opening for 90’s grunger-dudes Bush all at the same time, you can imagine following all this week’s excitement and the way we live our lives in general that we’re feeling a little bit sudued. Again. So we are mighty grateful indeed for tracks like Certain Taste and Between Us for soundtracking what otherwise could have been just a really grindey kinda day. Further props are due for successfully sounding quite a bit like Paws, a bit like Pavement, a little bit like Weezer and a lot more like Let’s Wrestle.

Sisterland – Certain Taste

Sisterland – Between Us

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