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Cancel The Astronauts
“Animal Love Match”

We now turn our Musical Eye Of Mordor (or sutin) away from the antipodean regions and other cradles of southern England – not that there’s anything wrong with that – to the mean streets of Edinburgh. That’s in Scotland. We’ve covered a lot of bands from Scotland, wethinks. Probably a tonne of them are from Edinburgh. But that’s okay. We like Scotland, and Edinburgh. We got fam up there. We stayed with our uncle once shortly after our GCSE’s with our mate Dan for about a week and only left the house once to buy alcopoppy-booze from a newsagent who knew we were underaged at the time but didn’t seem to mind as he reckoned we were from Pakistan on account of our drab London accent (don’t ask, it’s complicated), and generally spent most of the time listening to System Of A Down‘s Toxicity on repeat. It was cool. Anyway, here’s a band from Edinburgh called Cancel The Astronauts, who seem to have been around for a little while, but certainly not as far back since our heady post-GCSE days. Since their time as a band, these dudes have released a couple of EPs, rolled into live shows with peeps like Frightened Rabbit and Graham Coxon, and now have only bloody gone and released their first album, Animal Love Match, which as a coinky-dinky just so happens to be today’s Track Of The Day. Live contemporaries as comparisons aside, and good comparisons they are at that, we’re getting a vibe of We Were Promised Jetpacks (not just because they’re also from Scotland, but because the first minute or so of this track could have easily been mistaken as a track from These Four Walls – and if you don’t own that album, just get with it yeah?) broaching Killers-via-Futureheads territory in the latter stages of the track. This bad boy is out on Monday 17th September. So, like, go buy it.

Cancel The Astronauts – Animal Love Match

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