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Today feels like a hangover. Funnily enough, so did yesterday, mainly as it was. The merry men of Eye Emma Jedi played a mighty impressive set at Boardmasters festival on Saturday – we’ve never really had one of those fabled magical wristbands that somehow gets you free booze. We did this time. Hence the hangover. Sunday involved attempting to traverse the 350-ish mile distance from Newquay back to London via a different route than the one we had opted for the day before, getting extremely nervous about the dangerously low amount of fuel we had in our tank both literally and metaphorically, watching Dan Croll staring directly into our rear-view mirror for 70-80% of the 5-6 hour journey whilst listening to the Blink 182 live album, and then trying to stay awake watching Olympians being herded into different segments of the Union Jack whilst having George Michael shake his wee-wee right in their faces. Now it feels like various bits have arrived at an abrupt end – for example, we just a text from our buddy Ralph to come out and see him off before he buggers off to Ethiopia to be a teacher for another year or something – so, obviously, today’s Track Of The Day from Toronto peeps Shy Kids has both meaning for us both in title and in sonic pace. It’s a bit slow, a bit mournful, and goes well with the hangover vibe. Teachers and associates embedded below have been lifted of a digital EP the Canadian trio released right at the beginning of this month, and quite frankly is masterly in terms of both a demonstration of the band’s songwriting and ability to stir the soul of the listener in the process – think along the lines of Band Of Horses, The White Album, Death Cab For Cutie and Young Buffalo. We’d be interested to know if these guys have some impressario producery type backing them up, or whether these duties were undertaken by the band themselves, because whoever tracked and mixed this effort has obviously got some mad, mad skills. The video’s brilliant too.

Shy Kids – Teachers

Shy Kids – In The Puddin’


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  1. s h y kids

    Thanks for the listens and love. We make all our songs from scratch no producers or pesticides allowed. We made the video from scratch too.

    Faith up against the wind…

    Your pals,
    shy k i d s

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