Yo. How’s it going? Good? Good. We’re still on holibobs. We got in to Falmouth around 3pm-ish on Friday afternoon. We have been drinking ale and, interestingly, a lot of jaegermeister (plus the obligatory energy-bombs that commonly accompany them thus rendering their sale in studenty-towns such as this a lot more economically-viable. We don’t understand the logic behind that, but it is bloody brilliant all the same). The last 24 hours have been spent taking it a bit more easy than that as we are reminded via consecutive hangovers that we’re supposed to be relaxing, and not simply living the life we already live just in a different region of the country. For example, we stayed in last night. We watched the Sex and the City film as we were spoiled for choice in terms of what shitty films to watch. There were a lot of lady-issues that went down in that film. And so, in honour of that random piece of trivia, we’re going to feature FEMME – even though we’re not supposed to be doing anything that remotely approaches the vicinity of the work-vibe. That being said, FEMME‘s worth it. We’ve sat in the middle of our cottage living room, currently surrounded by our mates who are watching Team GB destroy the world in all manners of cycling, and we’re still quite happy to write about this sassy gal who seems to have built up quite the buzz since the start of this year owing to just how incisive her quirky brand of pop is. This incisiveness in terms of catchiness is only matched in magnitude by the sheer range and number of influences we can hear in this – starting with the Santigold-MIA-Gwen Stefani end of the spectrum and gradually ending up in more Mr Little JeansBebe BlackSleigh Bells territory, coupled with the undeniably familiar aesthetic of Foe, is as lethal to the status quo of pop-world as jaegerbombs are to our mental health. We dig.

FEMME – Sirens

Eins, zwei.

FEMME – Who’s That?

FEMME – Bring It Back Round

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