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Second Stab: Best Days

Cardiff’s Best Days return to us on a day that can safely be described as probably-way-better than the last time we popped them up on the Killing Moon bloggington. Work-wise, that is. Our personal life continues to savage us, slow us down, and ultimately throw distractions in our quest to generally party hard and fuck shit up along the way – yes, we are knackered again. It’s okay though, we’ll be on a train to the west country in a matter of days. Then back to London some days later. Shortly after that, of course, we will find ourselves heading back to that general area to witness Eye Emma Jedi boom things right up on the Saturday at Boardmasters. We have been reliably informed that if we play our cards right, we may even get to sleep on an actual floor. Best Days, yo. This enigmatic lot have been quintessential secret squirrels in their bid to build an awesome indie-pop repertoire since our last encounter, and by gum it seems to be working. If their last effort Wasted, which we done wrote about all the way back in 2011, displayed tendencies toward the more commercial end of the edgy cool brand of pop vis-a-vis Alex Clare or Phoenix (although we’ll have to take our own word on that; said-track has obviously been deleted since then and so we’re having to rely on our own waffle as guidance, which as you can imagine isn’t easy), then newbie Something gives way to stronger elements along the lines of Interpol mixed with a guitarelectro musical backdrop that we’ll compare to Dom owing to how chilled it makes us feel on the inside. Certainly more than enough competition here to give people like Bastille and Jethro Fox something to think about, particularly on the vocal front. We are also pleased to learn that the guys popped their London-gig-cherry quite recently with other KM regulars Curxes via our buddies over at Friday Night Fist Fight, and obviously we managed to completely miss this because we’re a bit shit, but more likely we were doing something far more important like sleeping, thinking about life, or a mixture of the two. Have a free download of this; we’ve basically found the soundtrack to our summer holiday.

Best Days – Something

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