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Paper Boats
“Your Call”

Made a beef wellington this weekend. No, seriously folks. It wasn’t exactly easy. There is a shitload of chopping involved. Cubing, even. We’ve never cubed before, unless turning a bit of mango into a makeshift hedgehog counts (it doesn’t). Hardest bit was to roll everything up; effectively what you’re doing is creating a meatloaf (jeah) and rolling it up in puff pastry. It’s a lot of fun, but so easy to fuck up, especially when you’re as tired/drunk/a bit hungover as we permenantly seem to be, or more to the point as we were on that particular day. We didn’t fuck it up. We impressed everybody concerned, because we are culinary equivalent of Zeus.  We did delegate a lot of the actual cooking bit to our cooking sidekick whose flat we happened to be cooking in, but we will take credit for a lot of the preparatory chopping and wellington sculpting. We then got to watch Drive for the first time. The soundtrack to Drive has probably spurned us on to enjoy new Track Of The Dayers Paper Boats and their sonic offering to the world Your Call a bit too much. But that’s okay. Think of it as just having a better set of headphones rendering the audio experience that little teensy weensy bit more enjoyable than would otherwise be possible (that’s why you bought those £300+ Dre Beats, right? Cos they do that, right? Not just cos they look shiny and cool, right?). A brief bit of background; Paper Boats are from Guildford. Presumably that was a contributory factor to how they recently ended up playing Guilfest. Not the only factor though; the music’s pretty sweet. If you’re of a similar age to yours truly, you will have enjoyed a briefly flirtatious but hardly-true-considering-you-were-about-5-by-the-end-of-the-80’s experience with bands like The Cult, The Cure, The Smiths, Simple Minds – basically any band from the era that could have and pretty much did soundtrack the very best films at the time. Well, okay, we probably made that last bit up, but we do know Simple Minds did the main tune to The Breakfast Club. Then again, these dudes look about half our age so we could probably get away with telling them all that jazz. The bastards. The young, talented, good-looking bastards.

Paper Boats – Your Call


Paper Boats – Morning Image

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