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St. Spirit
“The Road At The Rise”

Good God y’all. We’re actually going on a holibob. A 100%, bona fide, no-work-vibes-involved summer break to some place in Cornwall at the start of August. D’you know what we’re gonna do? Neither do we, but it sure as shit is going to involve the imbibement of an awful amount of different ales (they do that in Cornwall, right?), the catching up on an awful amount of sleep, and the outing of a ridiculous amount of chill. Shit, we might even go fishing or some rustic thing like that. Generally, seems appropriate deciding to go on what feels like the first purposeful vacation in about 3 years or so (other excursions this year haven’t really counted, mainly because we didn’t get to loaf around nearly half as much as we deem the minimum requirement to be in order to qualify into this category), it being sunny and everything, but doubly so as we’re bracing ourselves for the next phase of the ambitious Killing Moon campaign to basically do everything ever that there is to do. Appropriately whopping into town asteed the creature of most-righteousness in the semi-celebratory moment we’re having right now is South London crew St. Spirit, the creature in question being named The Road At The Rise. Being based in the same neck of the woods as the humble origins of a band called The Maccabees, the comparisons in both the aesthetic make up and audio projections of this new bunch and the established noise merchants are just bound to happen – and by that, we really mean, we in this very write-up are bound to compare them. Right now, in fact. Heck, the singer’s last name is McCabe. Shocking. A lesser imitation, however, this isn’t. There are balls here. Big, ambitious, sweaty musical balls that would just love to make your acquaintence through channels of Arcade Fire‘s massive chanty chorusy bits, the youthful confidence of Team Me, and the even more youthful tendency to rock out hard just like The Wild Mercury Sound. We like these kinda balls. The band are fast picking up plaudits from the likes of Huw Stephens, and This Is Fake DIY, all similarly singing praises about these very same balls – very good mates to have in the run up to dropping this bad boy as a free download tomorrow, and a celebratory show at Surya in Kings Cross on the 24th July.

St. Spirit – The Road At The Rise



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