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Good Shit: Music Robot

Earlier this week we briefly mentioned in the midst of an insomnia-driven musical post that we’ve recent been pressed-ganged into a new UK-based blog collective called Music Robot. Which is nice. To be completely honest, this might well be the kick up the arse we’ve needed for some time – one of the things we feel we’ve failed to achieve over the last, well, however long we’ve been chatting utter shit on this here bloggington, is embracing or otherwise connecting with other music-blogging types; to qualify that, we’ve not exactly been been terribly helpful in that respect. However over the course of the last two years we’ve been lucky enough to meet some very cool, diverse and musically-assertive chums who run a similar shop, and it’s been a little bit like walking up to the cool kids in the school after years of trying to drum up a reason to stroll up and hang out with them, only to find out when it eventually happens that they’re exactly the same as you and have been the whole time. Some of these dudes are also involved in Music Robot and we’re very honoured to be associated with them. Specific props should go to Mike of The Recommender for being instrumental in setting this up. Well-played, Michael. Also thanks to Andy of The VPME, as we’ve nicked the picture off his blog as the featured image for this post.

So what does this shit actually do? Well other than an elaborate political stand of reasons amongst some 15 or so pretty cool like-minded blogs, there’s a nifty and incredibly ambitious chart function. Here’s what the Robot itself has to say about, well, itself:

“We have collected together a wide range of awesome music bloggers from around the UK, as it is the content on their individual websites that appears on our front page, ready for the public to vote on.  We are all about putting the music blogs at the heart of Music Robot, so to the right you will be able to read about each blog that’s involved.  Each one of them has been hand-picked for involvement not only because they’re awesome, but because they are each recognized as established commentators on emerging music.”

And here’s what Recommender Mike has to say:

It’s about time the UK blog scene had it’s profile raised, so we’re proud to be on board with a project like Music Robot. In this country the traditional music discovery channels, such as print media and radio stations, are still very influential, strong brands, so music bloggers haven’t quite had the profile that our American cousins experience, yet those same traditional channels and the wider music industry have known for years just how exciting and useful music blogs can be. Music Robot gives it the profile-raising hub that it always needed.

So there. Don’t be a dick, check it all out by clicking here.

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