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Dracula Palms
“Clockwork Horrors”

As a further ego-inflatory boost unto our person this fine/not-so-fine day, we’ve been informed by one of our close colleaguebuddymates that our wonderful brand name came up in conversation with an Australian lady that for some reason he was having such an elaborate conversation with, owing to a kinda recent blog post bigging up Sydney 4-piece Battleships. Cool. They also vicariously told us to check out a band that they rate in a similar fashion and hence thought we’d be of the same disposition. We did, and we are. But we had another band in mind today, see. However, as another one of them-there coinky-dinks, today’s Track Of The Day flag-bearing champs Dracula Palms – an awesome name, incidentially, as we are mentally turned to images of green-ish nosferatu-y hands, or otherwise a holiday/spring-break retreat for hipster vampires – also happen to be Australia. This obviously MEANS something. For bloggy purposes, we’ll just go ahead and make up that we planned this all along, and this represents episode two of our stuff-what-is-Australian-and-proper-good intermittent series. Or something. Domestically, these duo pioneers of pumped-up funky electronic tunes seem to be getting some traction having received suitable props from Aussie station Triple J – which for us Brits is a bit like getting scooped up into the loving bosom of Radio 1’s Introducing remit, should we ever be so lucky. Musically, judging by the vibes vis-a-vis Clockwork Horrors, we can tell their ambitions go far beyond their indiginous antipodean realms – there’s a flavour of Ariel Pink, some funky-funky MGMT, some drunk-enough-to-dance Chromeo, and of course the similarities to Empire Of The Sun and/or The Sleepy Jackson, depending on how cool/old you are, are quite striking. There’s also a bit of Diamond Rings-style DIY-ness attached to this, serving to make it all the more endearing to our ears.

Dracula Palms – Clockwork Horrors

‘Bout it, ’bout it.

Dracula Palms – Pretty Lady

Dracula Palms – Fluorescent Haze

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