“Paranoid People”

Bit of a socially-stressful Saturday just gone – yeah, we have REAL problems. Attempting to remove ourselves from that “socialiar” tag that we’ve heard plenty-much about of late  – which basically means you keep saying yes to various invitations to activities which just so happen to be all at the same time on the same date in very different locations, and then you have to make shit up in order to get out of some or all of them – we basically had to confess that we’re terrible people, we’ve screwed everything up and we thought it was better to do one thing really well than several things half-arsed. Now we’re up (obviously), hung over (course) and a bit worried that we’ve pissed certain people off, clearly forgetting the fact that this probably isn’t the case given people we call friends are typically cool and generally not dicks – enter MT with the superbly-titled-for-our-predicament Paranoid People. At the risk of dropping yet another cliché, there is an overwhelming aura surrounding our analysis of this lots’ background whereby you can just tell good things are afoot – that is to say, this is the “right” music, coupled with the “right” aesthetic in terms of line-up and imagery, cropping up in the “right” places (gig plaudits in London thus far include the Lock Tavern, Barfly and most recently Electricity Showrooms, all of which we’re ashamed to say we missed completely probably owing to reasons similar to the above) and we understand it’s currently being heard by the so-called “right” people. So, yeah, look out y’all. Concentrating on the musical righteousness, this band feels like one of those rarities that, rather than being the sum of their collective influential parts, are in fact something completely different – in the introductory segment to the track, fans of Imogen Heap and Wu Lyf might feel as if there’s something they can relate to in the sonic sense; the song brilliantly transpires into to something that internet-superstars-of-yester-year Dom might get a bit envious of. So there’s a lot of reasons to love this, and indeed we do.


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