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Derrick and The Black Sea
“Lost Lost”

We’ve have it written on our millionth note-pad-thingy on our iPhone, aka our to-do list, aka our life controller, “Track Of The Day – write about something really hectic and/or good”. It’s been one of those rather fulfilling days in terms of going around to various peoples’ places of varying businesses and a lot of coffee shops in and around the Oxford Circus area and preaching the indie gospel of self-righteousness and recollecting how sort-of hard the last five or six years have been in getting to this stage in our made-up career. Of course, we probably embellished a few things. You gotta sometimes in order to make things seem more dramatic and therefore interesting, or “bigging it up” to use the colloquial vernacular in the mean streets of Ealing. It makes all the decisions we’re supposed to be making in the near future more climatic and more resolute to the point of vindication. Still, we’re knackered. Again. Bloody back’s gone. Talking to loads of people day-in-day-out about our affairs is hard, and we’re metaphorically battered and a bit bruised by round after round. We couldn’t have represented this better in a visual and, to an extent, a sonic representation than this fresh-out-the-inbox offering from Brooklyn bunch (damn straight we’re going through a phase) Derrick and The Black Sea. The song tells a tale, if we’re not going completely mental that is, about how our frontman protagonist (for identification purposes, we’re gonna go ahead and assume this dude is called Derrick) keeps getting battered by certain ladyfriends for doing….something wrong each time. As an interesting sub-plot, this may be the first time we’ve heard a band from what is sometimes perceived to the be hipster-capital of new-band world that are (A) American, (B) able to boast a discernable string section that doesn’t just involve a guitar, and (C) not Yellowcard. By that, you can obviously draw an insight into our genre-geo-demographical knowledge, and that we obviously don’t get out of town much. It’s like someone took Gaslight Anthem, The Static Jacks, The Common Tongues and another-band-that-boasts-a-violinist-that-we-can’t-think-of-right-now-cos-we’re-pooped, put em in a room, boom shook-shook the room, and these dudes just stride out afterwards hand-in-hand with Mumford & Sons who serruptiously not only survived the fallout but probably were responsible for it in the first place.. Don’t let em get you down, Derrick. We like ya. Hope you recover soon.


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