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Secret Son

So we and Draper have been having a rather insightful conversation on the ol’ Skypey this evening – whilst he’s not remixing the crap out of some silly thing, and we’re not answering the phone or emails and trying to get on with our basic needs like eating if we’re lucky – and our chosen topic right now is water. Namely, the seas and shit. Massive oceans. We’ve unanimously, all two of us, agreed that massive oceans terrify us; we’re not meant to exist or otherwise become submerged in this substance, so capable of giving life and then taking it away in a number of interesting ways. Perhaps in some weird way, this may be metaphorically applicable to our current situation whereby we’re collectively up to our neck in so many things that sometimes it feels we’re swimming pretty deep. And so we are thankful for the receipt of some sweet new tunes to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground, not least from an old pal we really haven’t seen or heard from in quite some time, from new dudes Secret Son. Where are these dudes from? We don’t know, and presumably that’s why we’re asking you lot. All we know is that the band is composite of four boys, unassumingly named Tom, Mac, Ben and Phil (although it should be pointed out we haven’t heard the word Mac being used as an actual name in….well, ever. We thought a Mac was a computer or a burger. Or a weather-proof jacket. It is also a legitimate name, it turns out. Praise be to Jah).  We do know they make nice music. Take Jenny for example, which just so happens to be our current Track Of The Day; we’re getting vibes similar to that of Echo & The Bunnymen, Chapel Club (they still trucking? Hope so), and The Divine Comedy, coupled with that song from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack that we can’t remember but can definitely hum really well if we’re motorboating. Other than that, we know nowt. Same shit, different day. Know something? Just give us a call. We’re always on the phone these days.

Secret Son – Jenny

Bang bang.

Secret Son – Blind Eye

Secret Son – Who I’m Meant To Be

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