Second Stab: Drenge
“Dogmeat” and Story Books

The theme of this week for us, both personally and professionally, has been to face facts (or as Daddy Killing Moon has just put it to us, given that we’re lounging around our parent’s living room right now having not spent much quality time with the folks recently through absolutely no fault of our own, “think white and get real”), or indeed the reality of the way things are in contrast of how we would like them to be. Don’t speak too soon, that sort of thing. Anyway, in furtherance of that theme, we’ve pretty much had to acknowledge that there are certain types of bands that we simply cannot ignore, after having already written about them in one capacity or another. There’s not enough for a full-blown Introducing… feature, and quite frankly we feel a bit weird giving Track Of The Day to a band that we’ve already covered. Because, like, we’re really important and good-looking and our opinions on presentations of musical acts override the need to feature good tunes regardless of their origin or social-networking standing. OBVIOUSLY, YOU IDIOT. So, as of about half an hour ago, we’ve come made up with the brand-spanking new Second Stab category, which addresses this issue and also preserves our over-inflated digital ego. And that, boys and girls, is a jobby-jobby. We’ll keep these brief, mainly as we spend far too much time talking about ourselves anyway.

Drenge are those two brothers that like to rock out at people’s houses, and those people are clearly not old enough to be imbibing the booze that they’re clutching. One of the main things we love about Drenge, other than the name of course, is the fact that they remind us of our own meandering experiences being in a band whilst in sixth-form (which of course you only do so you can attract the attention of the ladies if you otherwise can’t, and holy shit does it work) and by virtue of the below vid for new track Dogmeat, they have successfully captured all our aspirations and dreams as they so existed at that point in their lives. Awesome.



Lorra’tings happened and are continuing to happen for our favourite Kent buggers, called Story Books, who gave possibly the most entertaining interview we’ve borne witness to via the medium of our sporadic filming platform we call KMTV ahead of playing their first London show round our gaff at the Bull & Gate. We won’t spoil the surprises, but y’all should listen to Radio 1 next week, and we don’t usually say that often. Otherwise, we shall refer opinions on this recently-surfaced clip for Peregrine to our duly-appointed new Head of Armchair A&R, who just so happens to be our mum who can’t help but notice that we are tapping away while she’s trying to talk to us about the football. She has come up with the following:

Oh he really shouldn’t be sitting in a railtrack. What sort of message does that send out? Poor fellow. I like his voice. It’s very nasal. Like that man that sings in The Cold Play – Martin, is that his name? So is this dubstep?


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