We’re in stress-mode dudes. This week was really meant to be our happy-week as well. However, we’ve spent a good proportion of today generally being arsey with people; making snidey comments when we genuinely think we’re being funny; deliberately ignoring people when we know they’re asking us about something; heck, at one point, we actually swore at a child (to be fair it was a mild swear word and very much sitting on the opposite side of the swearing spectrum from the vulgar, but still pretty alarming to all those around us and we even surprised ourselves for doing it – the kid WAS annoying the crap out of us); all of which lends weight to the idea that when it’s shite outside, it can be even shite-er inside. So we need one of them-there chill out vibes to make everything seem alright again; lo and behold, Deafkid come a-whopping into town upon the steed of trill-righteousness delivering Talk unto our person. Ambience, harmonies and tranquility seem very much at the heart of Deafkid‘s game, as observed recently in the live context when they were seen playing with cool-guy Ghostpoet. This recently-surfaced track crosses our ear-holes in much the same way Tunng, Duologue, Malpas, Alpines and recent TOTD’ers Hunt In Pairs would – and with the latter in mind, there is that little extra bit that we find ourselves lacking in terms of establishing correct identification. Not that it matters. Right now, we’re just enjoying the music rather than trying to wind ourselves up in order to make a point.

Deafkid – Talk

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