Born With Stripes_FI

Born With Stripes
“You Stole The Laces From My Shoes”

Yep, we’ve pretty much lost our minds. Not in an overly-ambitious US car salesman sort of way, but more in the traditional sense of madness and the inherent memory loss that ensues. The reason for our latest installment of insanity is very much to do with our current write-up on new Track Of The Day’ers Born With Stripes, who are from Leeds. We are 99% certain that we have heard this song before. In fact, we spent a good 20 minutes just now frantically trying to find a blog post that we were certain (still kinda are) we’ve already written on this boyish duo, yet we have found sweet FA. We’re now sat in front of the telly attempting to do a Vulcan mind-meld on ourselves, which, if you’re imaginatively-challenged, looks a bit like a 5 year old (with a beard though) using circles formed in-between connecting thumbs and index fingers on the same hands and holding them up to their eyes as if they were a pair of Biggles flight goggles. At least, that’s how You Stole The Laces... makes us feel on the inside. In stark contrast to the weather backdrop that we’re getting right now in London, and logically in tandem with the gloriously summery weather that we’re clearly not getting, Born With Stripes bring forth vibes not too dissimilar from Yuck, PavementPaws and the vast majority of the US-college guitar alt rock bands that we were name-dropping round about this time last year when we were going through a similar phase. So what’s not to love? Not a lot, says we.


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