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Today is a good day. Well, not in the sense that it’s a nice day. Actually, in that way, it’s a really shit day. We went out this morning all, like, “naaaaaaaaaaaaaah, we don’t need no stinkin’ jackets” (the same jacket that was pretty much our mobile tent during Great Escape, we mean), and thought we’d  remove that brolly that’s been sitting in our man-bag for the last 3 months, which we only realise now has served as some sort of miracle deterrent to keep the bad weather at bay only by virtue of resting in situ on our person and under no circumstances should ever actually be used for its intended purpose. Anyway, we got pissed on due to our sheer arrogance. Metaphorically of course. Arrogance levels don’t seem to be affected as we had a wonderful bit of email contact with someone we really respect and whose career we wouldn’t mind emulating, which really is the icing on the cake of all the cool shit we’ve got going right now – which, once again, nicely brings us into touch with the titled-subject matter of the latest tune to knock the previous TOTD-title holder off the winner’s podium (it is funny how this seems to happen on a near-daily basis, and quite convenient for Track Of The Day purposes. Although given the increase in workload in other areas, we are considering renaming this section to Track Of The Day-ish. We may even run a poll to that effect, given as we’ve just worked out how to use that very same widget function on this here blog), which goes by the name of Lucky and eminates from an act called Candy Empire. Somewhat pleasingly, this duo (from what we can tell, that’s what they are) may be the first band from Estonia that we’ve ever posted about. They also seem to get what the online world wants – and that, ladies and gentleman, is obviously cats and warpy hipstminstagramwhateverthefuckitscalled-type photos of them being cool. The music, being rather engaging in its current state, which of course is what it’s all about, could be the result of an unfortunate smelting accident involving Ladytron, The White Strips, and at least the distorted bass-playing member of Death From Above 1979. The production value doesn’t stop short of impressive, and with a piano sampling arrangement in place, we can infer that the live show is going to be far from boring; indeed, we live in hope that these guys will be making their way over here soon for just that purpose, or if not we’ll just have to bounce over there to get involved, despite how much we obviously love living in the rain.

Candy Empire – Lucky

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