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Dude York
“And Andrew Too”/”Fuck City”

As a similar saying goes, if you decide or opt to take a snooze, there is a slight chance that you shall very much lose. Applicable as always to our own circumstances, following a recent blog post that just so happens to have a song title that is extremely similar to the chosen nomenclature of our current Track Of The Dayerists, Sounds Of Sweet Nothing chappy Jonathan decided to give us the heads up on that particular label’s new darlings, the excellently-named Dude York. Subsequently, we made the rookie mistake of proverbially sleeping on it, and within that space of time we’ve been beaten to the punch by constant purveyors of big-boy shit Pitchfork AND Abeano (first they take our RotD award, now this? Because it’s ALL OURS, YA HEAR? AAAAAALLL OURS). See, we’ve been told in bloggy-blogster world, getting there first is worth a prop or five. And we won’t lie, while it’s not necessarily something we aim for yet occassionally it does happen for us, it does put that extra wind into our sail if by virtue of us blabbing about something on here results in anything remotely positive happening to the band in question. And more to the point, we’d be total hypocrites if we ignored two fucking great songs like these purely on the basis that someone else likes them just as much. We like to think we’re the sort of people who sees another dude wearing the same clothes as us and, rather than acting like a little bitch about it, probably give kudos to the guy for having great taste in threads (usually all it takes is a chequered shirt, by the way, so you can imagine this happens a lot). Anyway, let’s stop talking about ourselves and patting ourselves on the back for being such great people for a sec (we’ve been told recently that we should consider ceasing this aspect of our write ups. But we like to whinge and/or big ourselves up. Plus it’s our fucking blog, so stick it) and get down to why exactly Dude York are fighting bad musical crime and kicking bad musical ass in our minds right now. It’s simple, loud, noisey guitar music – a virtue by which we fell in love with bands like Japandroids, White Denim, and we guess a bit o’ Eagles Of Death Metal. Then there’s the boozy aspect – in that playing either or both And Andrew Too and Fuck City, we find ourselves left daydreaming of some of our boozier moments at Great Escape that happened at some point this month. At least, the bits we remember. Think The ReplacementsBeer For Breakfast and you’ll hear what we mean. Have fun with the below until the physical 7″ release from Sounds Of Sweet Nothing on 10th July.

Dude York – And Andrew Too

Dude York – Fuck City

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