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Burning Beard
“The Woods”

Right. We need to calm the fuck down. Too much batshit craziness is going around, and this sweltering heat isn’t helping in terms of soothing our hyperactive nerves. We’ve just got too much shit to do. Far, far too much. Not enough time. Must go faster. What’s the best way for us to calm down, folks? Well, just as an option, we find stroking our, um, beard somewhat therapeutic. It takes discipline, patience, and a heckload of self-respect to cultivate a beard, or indeed a beard worth having. Many men have tried; some succeeded and went on to live blissfully happy lives no matter what their occupation; others have failed and become uncontrollably depressed in the attempt, mainly because they are puny and weak (and you KNOW it). Our Track Of The Day’ers have hence arrived once again atop the steed of appropriateness – in relation to both our current mental state and out-spoken affections for all things bearded – by virtue of their manliest of manly name, Burning Beard. These guys have opted for alternative doom folk as their chosen calling card, and this notion is reiterated on their Facebook page, as they declare “heavy music and melodic music needn’t be mutually exclusive. Also beards are awesome and so is fire”. This may well make Burning Beard our favourite new band of the year, given they speak the truth and nothing but. Putting our own musical analysis thinking-cap on for a second or two while we take a breather from metaphorically jacking off over beards every two seconds, true to their word these guys have opted to actually put a bit of bollocks and rock out instead of rocking in via their take on the more contemporary indie/folk/pop/whatever aspects usually associated with the Communion remit – indeed, they are confirmed to play the aforementioned’s Bushstock festival this weekend, following a quickie show at The Borderline this very evening, in respect of which we are gutted we cannot make due to us being stuck behind a laptop tapping away into emails for much of what remains of today – and we get something along the lines of Gaslight Anthem (particularly in reference to the twiddling guitar plucking at the start of the track) butting heads with My Morning Jacket. Also, if we’re choosing to indulge our own bullshit further, the build of anticipation in this track reminds us of the first time we listened to The Distillers The Hunger. There may be some Spinal Tap in there, but in a good Stone Henge kinda way. We love it. Get into it.

Burning Beard – The Woods (Demo)

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