“People In Love Make Me Feel Yuck”

There’s something really satisfying for us saying the word Drenge. It really reminds us of the time we tried to invent a brand new genre of hardcore punk rock after ourselves and two friends became very much obsessed with The Used, Cancer Bats and Alexisonfire, which we were lovingly going to name SludgeKore (specifically with a K, because admittedly we were all heavily into our nu-metal back in the day. Some of us, ahem, still are). Our band name was borderline incitement to social discrimination – we’re not going to say what it was exactly, but let’s just say it’s up there with Ricky Gervais’ rather excessive controversial use of the non-word “mong” – and subsequently the project was abandoned after about an hour of being in contemplation at one particularly boozy Brixton Academy leg of what used to be called The Taste Of Chaos tour. Anyway, we wish we had thought of the name Drenge. However, our protagonists for today’s Track Of The Day sent to us by manager bloke Murray (cheers Murray), sound absolutely nothing like any of the bands we’ve mentioned above, so all you bastards reading this with raised eyebrows can just shut up. We think they sound like Arctic Monkeys having been all rocked up by Queens Of The Stone Age, which is funny because that actually happened a little while ago didn’t it? The other thing to point out here by way of context is that Drenge are two brothers, and hence this short, stabby, crunchy groove may well be the platform to join the ranks of the other fraternal superstars out there; the Cohen’s, the Mitchell’s, the Mario’s all being prime examples. On a much more serious note, we can’t wait to hear more from these.


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