“Glamour Of The Gods”

We’re pretty sure we’re staying in tonight kids. Given the amount of shit (good shit, mind) sent our way this week, this evening we find ourselves sitting on the proverbial fence between, on one brightly-lit and super grassy side, the kid-on-christmas-eve genre of excitement that we honestly haven’t felt in our made-up line of work ever before (save for the first time we were told that we had got our first internship at a real-life record label) and, on the other dampened, humid and muggy side, the complete physical and mental exhaustion that it’s taken to get to this point. We can’t actually say too much so as to elaborate on what the fuck we’re talking about right now, so believe us when we say we’re really, really trying to not screw things up by doing just that right now. But we’ll spill at the earliest opportunity, ya dig? Super. Let’s talk about music. North London’s Crows have been banging on our digital door this week with newly- surfaced tune Glamour Of The Gods, and regretfully we couldn’t bosh this one out before they hit the stage at The Macbeth with Lois & The Love. But hey, we’ve been busy, get over it. Sonic vibes are conducted into our ear-holes via the carrier waves of Nick Cave (and pretty much any and all projects the Aussie has been involved in now and in perpetuity, as well as some of our favourite acts influence by the man himself, so we’re gonna chuck Grass House into the mix here), and Muse‘s Knights Of Cyndonia has a bit of a presence here – at least insofar as feeling a bit like a cowboy when you hit the play button. Additionally, we get the impression of dudeness via this lots’ Facebook page mainly as they’re bigging up Chicago weird-bloke/genius of yesteryear Wesley Willis – we sing Rock & Roll McDonalds on the reg in the shower bath. It’s the only way to fly.

Crows – Glamour Of The Gods

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