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Fragile Creatures
“Dear Michael”

If you’ve ever watched Human Traffic (if you haven’t, do, it’s great), you might be familiar with the appropriated phrase “what goes up must come down. And down. And down”. This is essentially where the Killing Moon gang are at – apart from camera/soundguy extraordinaire Dan Bridge is concerned, as rather conveniently he doesn’t drink – following a full 72 bender in Brighton (see previous blog post for an insight into just how silly we got). We saw the sun rise three days in a row. Our body clock has been reset to Tokyo time and subsequently we’re having more trouble getting some shut eye before midnight than we ever have before. We’re in limbo. Thankfully, the calming acoustic-vocal combination of Brighton locals and aptly-named-for-the-state-we’re-in-today Fragile Creatures seems to be helping, at least in subsiding the hippy-shakes we’ve now attracted for the first time since finishing university. These boys were themselves performing at Great Escape, as evidenced by the above photo taken at the delegate-bit at The Dome where they seem to have either attracted a rapturous audience comprised of balding men in glasses and some children – which as we recall really wasn’t that different from any other venue audience, so that’s alright. We didn’t see them ourselves – we like to think we were working, but the chances are that’s simply not true – but given current Track Of The Day Dear Michael‘s  steady undertones of the likes of The Kills, Badly Drawn Boy, Aqualung and a bit o’ Band Of Horses, we’re regretful that we didn’t. We intend to make up for this by heading out and picking up a copy of this single when it receives a release proper on 11th June – which is going to be doubly great, as that’s when we’re dropping the Bluebell single on you, ya kids and ya wife.

Fragile Creatures – Dear Michael

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