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Victor Talking Machine

A very welcome blast from the past visited our permenantly-seiged inbox here at Killing Moon’s massive fuck-off ivory tower; which was doubly useful as they used our brand-spanking new demo-alert door knocker, with which we’ve had to replace our beloved demo-alert gong owing to financial difficulties related to the current economic climate and that certain moneys owed our way seem to have gotten lost in an iPad the post. So rather than making the ye oldie resonant sounds along the “bwwwwoooonnng” variety, we’re dealing with a more-blunt-yet-still-as-satisfying clunking sensation whenever we hear anything good these days. Anyway – Victor Talking Machine first graced our earholes when we were little more than an over-glorified Facebook spy just over/under two years ago (let’s say, for the sake of saving a potential arguement, that it was more a social media jobby than a, well, real jobby, hence why we now do this for a living) and, if memory serves correctly, we dug them because they reminded us of one of our favourite bands of all time called Little Death. Two years later, are we dealing with the same band? Kinda, but not really. For the most part, forthcoming single and Track Of The Day Tuscany could easily be mistaken for a Bleach or Incesticide-era Nirvana track, or indeed could find a comfortable home on the tracklisting of Foo Fighters‘ eponymous debut. For nostalgic purposes, and hot damn are we feeling nostalgic these days, we’re hearing more than a bit of Llama Farmers in this tune. Tuscany gets a release proper on 28th May, and generally all we’re saying (other than the above of course) is that it’s good and y’all better watch out for it, cos it’s coming for you.


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