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Sam Forrest
“The Edge Of Nowhere”

Despite reports from other persons that we’ve encountered over the last, well, year, we’ve recently felt as if we’ve been neglecting the good ol’ mainstay Killing Moon blog recently. It’s an odd sensation for us not to write on this elaborately compiled soundtrack to our own lives, even for just one day – that’s called mental discipline and/or conditioning and/or brainwashing kids. However, yesterday was a big exception, given that we were hell bent on getting boozed up and seeing off Thrice in true style as they played last night in London, possibly for the last time, which served to us as a reminder of a notion we know all too well in the last couple of weeks that, one day, all good things must come to an end. However, today is not that day for Killing Moon, and it sure as shit is not that day for Nine Black Alps frontguy Sam Forrest, who has recently made known his intentions to put out a solo record that goes by the name of today’s Track Of The Day called The Edge Of Nowhere – this finds our way to us through virtue of the lovely Shell Zenner going around repping us, which just goes to show how super (in terms of both dudeness and connections) she really is. Now, if you were a fan of the seminal spaced-out epic grunge-tinged rock band that our man Sam is involved with, then you may well thing that there are elements of Alps in this splinter cell. Well, you could be right. Personally, we’re gauging noises that don’t sound world’s apart from The Eels and a lot of Elliot Smith. Also, personally, we think this is awesome. Samwise will be taking his solo thing out on the road in the month of May – which, weirdly, is now we’ve just realised – which results in two London shows on 30th and 31st May at Karamel Club and St. Pancras Old Church respectively.


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