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Hot Panda
“Future Markets”

We seem to be spending an awful lot of time on our larry at the moment; which is surprising, given recent circumstances we should be in pieces, and consequently not to be left to our own devices unsupervised for too long. However, bearing in mind every possible clichéd phrase synonymous to “every cloud…”, we’re in the throws of a very odd dichotometic emotional state of vacant sorrowfulness versus a-kid-in-a-sweet-shop style excitement for what lies ahead of us – and we suppose we should be grateful for either or both, being that one can serve as an anchor stopping us from sailing into the harbour of arroganceville, and the other preventing us from becoming completely anhedonic this shitty-weathered weekend. This kind of duplicity might be at the core of what Canadian troupe Hot Panda generally get up to; taking recently-surfaced track (and co-incidentally today’s Track Of The Day in light of the above) as an example, the first half of Future Markets starts off in a rather unsuspecting, creeping manner, almost as if the guitars are creeping up on the listener (we generally refer to this as the buildy-uppy stylee), with the latter exploding into fist-pumping territory, all the while showcasing a sonic plot that encompasses sounds of Bear In Heaven, Talking Heads and a bit o’ Alec Eiffel-style Pixies. Having just announced a new album titled Go Outside (we are planning to at some point today for sure) due to drop on 17th July, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for live dates happening between now and then – although at the same time, we’re pretty sure PR Chris will let us know long before we have to start investigating.

Hot Panda – Future Markets

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