Pete Hickman & The Divers
“A Little Better”

Weird-ass weekend peeps. We’ve been relatively inactive since, oh, 12.30am on Satruday morning following a very rudimentary DJ set in-between watching live sets from pretty young things Violet and personal heroes Cheatahs at the wonderfully-named Power Lunches venue in Dalston, following an extraordinary meeting of minds just prior to that between ourselves and a guy from Coca Cola. So having just said that, the relative inactivity is pretty much self-explanatory, although the Saturday was draining in its own special way. It’s a similar experience to waking up from a really shitty dream and spending the remaining time wondering just what the fuck actually happened. Guiding our head back in the place that it needs to be at is the much-recommended Pete Hickman & The Divers and their soulful alt-rock tune A Little Better (goddamn we’re good with the whole apt-song-title thing eh?). Marking a return to the fundamentals of the great US guitar bands of the 90’s and beyond – think Bush, Elliott Smith, Death Cab, perhaps a teensy weensy bit of Jeff Buckley – and you’ll likely be joining us and a forore of other online voices, like that of buddies Laissez Faire Club, in singing the band’s praises of just how damn good they seem to be at writing simple yet meaningul pop songs. Word on the street is they very much owned/killed/destroyed/blew up/frigged/whacked/[insert overly-emphatic verb or phrase here] it last night at The Borderline where they played alongside former Track Of The Day’ers Escapists, which, judging by what we can see and hear right now, we’re really struggling to find reasons to doubt.




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