“Heart Of A Wrestler (A Young Man’s Struggle For Strength)”

It’s Friday. We woke up at 7 in the morning. Had to have cereal. Headed in the general direction of the bus stop, etc. We didn’t see our friends cruising by in a convertible driven by 8 year olds, but rather we indulged in utilising our own personalised form of mechanised transport (a rather lovely leather-seated and family-friendly Renault Megane, in case you were wondering. Uh huh. Of course it’s an automatic), and so we were denied a choice of which seat we should have took, and instead were forced into the driver’s seat, as we soon learned that our wonderful vehicle doesn’t actually drive itself. Why are we talking so much nonsense today? Same answer as always; sleep deprivation. It’s like with each passing day a piece of our brain fizzles away like little pieces of wet cake. So enter the multi-membered musical ensemble from Leeds Heart-Ships and their anthemic epicness in form of current Track Of The Day, the aptly-titled Heart Of A Wrestler (A Young Man’s Struggle For Strength) – we’re still technically young, but only on the basis that technical oldness is in the eye of the beholder. This mammoth 6-piece have been teetering on the live circuit for the last year-and-a-bit, picking up plaudits from the likes of Drowned In Sound and le NME, and come recommended to Killing Moon via 1x booking agent and 1x artist manager, who for now shall remain nameless lest they get annoyed that we name them without telling them first. The music, if our dance-around-the-topic language has failed to give such an impression already, is “big” – not just in the sense that it comes in at a stonking 6+ minutes long, but the degree of ambition packed in via undertones of Wild Beasts (fans in their native Leeds having crowned this lot the aforementioned’s successors), Modest Mouse and a birra-the-obvious-comparison Arcade Fire (which to be fair is inevitable, if your band plays a saw) is staggering. Weve also been informed they’re the best live band in the UK. We’re just going to have to find out, but in all likelihood that claim is probably true.


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