Hot Light Fiesta_FI

“Sylvester Alone”

Whirlwindy-speedy-type blog post today chaps. You know what to do: duck, cover, dodge, lift, drop and stop everything and listen up right ‘ere because we gots to bust a move really soon all cha-cha-real-smooth style. We’ve got meetings and conference calls you see, lest we need to remind you about how fucking important we are, that we’re bona fide, etc. On top of that, for some bizarre reason despite the fact the show is free entry tomorrow, we’re still having to put together a guestlist for tomorrow night’s big-ass show with StrangersWorship, Draper and just about every other band we’ve worked or had contact with. Soundtracking our ego-driven hastiness is zesty Liverpudlian lot Hot//Light//Fiesta, which we’re really not ashamed to say was yet another filtered tip from Spring Offensive manager bloke Chrissy Foster, mainly because he’s put us on to another fantastic act that somehow has been slipping through ours and (from the looks of it) quite a few people’s clutches. Until today, that is. Big on word-punnery, as evidenced by the brilliantly-titled Sylvester Alone, weird time signatures, forward-slashes, jagged spikey guitars and massive gang-WHOOAAAAAAA’s (again, there are simply not enough songs with adequate whoa-ing in this day and age of ambient synthy buggery, Strangers being a general exception to this and pretty much every other rule in life) that leave us with a taste in our ears not too far removed from that of Biffy Clyro, Foals and Arcane Roots. Authorities have been given and are therefore being relied upon that we can expect even more impressive sonic boomage from this brightly-burning outfit soon enough.

Hot//Light//Fiesta – Sylvester Alone

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