“Those Girls”

You know what’s more exhausting than doing lots of things? Doing absolutely fuck all. That’s what we did today. Yeah, you heard it – Killing Moon actually attempted to treat a bank holiday weekend as exactly that. In the background, we’ve been getting familiar with Finsbury Park; our special ladyfriend having just moved there, we figured we’re going to be spending an awful amount of time in the place we once deemed the nether-regions of North London. Boy did we have that place figured out wrong. Last night, for example, we discovered our new favourite pub that sells no fewer than 10 types of ale that we’ve previously found it tricky to locate in addition to a new guest ale each week (we’ll be back boys, COUNT ON IT), and en route back to the ol’ homestead our special ladyfriend’s pad we encountered no less than 5 different types of chicken shop. It’s like someone entered our brain, found the folder named “our dream”, and basically made Finsbury Park exactly that. Making our musical dreams come true on this lazy Sunday evening are a band also seemingly from a land far, far away (Australia, we mean) that call themselves Millions; and from what we can tell immediately synonymously to our prejudicial analysis of our new stomping ground, we should not adhere too much to their bratty surfer and/or skater-dude aesthetic (although we do love that shit) lest it undermines the overall impressiveness of this smooth track Those Girls, and its equally (if not slightly more) slick video accompaniment. This is very much a guitar band primed to win the hearts and minds of the indie crowd, and don’t these guys know it – think of the place that lies between Arctic Monkeys and The Walkmen, and you’ll probably find these guys milling around there with lots of beers’n’boobs. Be aware you will most likely be hearing lots more about these chaps over the course of the next year, especially if we can help it.


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