Festival: Killing Moon Limited Announces Stages for The Great Escape 2012

That’s right. We’re not messing around any more. We’ve been blabbing on about how much we love Brighton long enough; for a similar amount of time, we’ve been banging on about how much we arse the annual party on the beach/three-day bender that is The Great Escape. The line up this year looks set to be the best yet, and in true traditional style boasts acts that are catered to most, if not all, tastes along the vast musical spectrum. Big-name lovers will be (we hope) chuffed to see the likes of The Temper Trap, Mystery Jets, Lianne La Havas, Dry The River and We Are Scientists heading up proceedings way at the top of the bill; squint your eyes a little bit more at the image above (if you can actually read all of it, you definitely don’t need glasses), and you’ll see KM-faves like We Were Promised Jetpacks, Friends, Zulu Winter, DZ Deathrays (we saw them in a pub last year with about 5 other people. Still got the manager’s business card as she thought we were a real person at that point in our made-up career. Mental), Jamie N Commons, Rolo Tomassi, Alt-J and literally a shitload others all occupying various venues for the 72-hour boshfest. Hide ya kids, and probably best to hide ya wife, cos this one is going to melt your face.


Also, this time round, we’re putting our money where our big mouths are (along with several of our good buddies) to bring you some showcasses of our very own. That’s right, you heard it – there will be two Killing Moon-ish stages at this year’s Great Escape.

First up, on Friday 11th May, we’ve teamed up with our bestest buds Euphonios, The Recommender and Strongroom Alive to bring you what is, quite frankly, the best line up on a single stage at the entire shebang. Yep, them’s fighting words, but allow us to elaborate: as wonderfully illustrated by the equally-wonderful Jen Anderson at Euphonios above, we have some KM associates such as Worship and Strangers booming it up alongside Polarsets, Dems and Escapists, in addition to our other faves like Draper, Mausi, Foe and Jade Hopcroft. We’ve also invited some other pals of ours like Laissez Faire Club and Bluebell to join in the party on the decks, with a couple more to be announced. We’re calling it JEAH!

What’s better news is that this show is completely free entry and open to all (i.e. you don’t need a wristband for this), so hold onto your butts and bring them along. Be prepared to throw and/or beat down. Check out the facebook event here.

Round 2 consists of us teaming up with our other bestest buds (and co-incidentally our label distributors) The Orchard on Saturday 12th May at a lovely venue in the middle of town called The Hope (we’re talking about it as if we’ve not been found raging at this exact venue till the break of dawn at previous Great Escapes, but you know how it is…). We don’t have a fancy-pants poster for it just yet, mainly as we’re still putting some finishing touches to this bad boy, but having just interrupted our mates’ dinner about it we’ve been told there will be one soon. We’ll be parked in one of the corners drinking some kinda beer and DJing some kinda music whilst bearing witness to the following taking to the stage:

[youtube=] [youtube=]

There’s more to be announced for this one, which no doubt we’ll be boasting about soon as we’re able to.

So that’s it. Get involved. Wristbands are available from the Great Escape website, and you’d be a right tit if you didn’t get one.

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